Rianne Tooten

Rianne Tooten & Tooten Clinical Trial Services

Rianne Tooten started her career in the pre-clinical stage of medical device development, followed by the clinical stage. She currently brings more than 13 years of experience in clinical research with medical devices. From pre- till post-market studies and from medium- to high-risk medical devices.   “The medical device world can be complicated if it is not 100% clear which path to take, because in reality not everything is black and white”  Therefore, Rianne founded her eponymous company “Rianne Tooten”. It is her mission to transfer her knowledge and experience to help clinical research professionals to find practical solutions on the interpretation and implementation of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and ISO14155 (the international standard for clinical investigation of medical devices for human subjects, Good Clinical Practice), by translating it into their daily practice. Rianne is also a Medical Device Expert at the MREC of the University Hospital in Groningen.



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