Hans Christian Hoeck, MD, PhD

Dr. Hoeck is the President and CEO of Trialcare Research. He has extensive senior clinical experience both as a clinician, scientist and has served as Principal Investigator on numerous studies from Phase I-IV. He has worked as a senior executive in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 15 years and has been supporting SCRS from the early beginning. Dr. Hoeck currently serves on the SCRS Leadership council.

Dr. Hoeck founded Trialcare Research with the purpose to bridge critical gaps between science and patient care. This includes a vision to share accumulated knowledge from the biopharmaceutical industry with highly specialized colleagues within Ophthalmology with the overall objective for their patients to have access to the newest and best therapies.

Dr. Hoeck holds MD degree from the University of Southern Denmark. He is a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology & Diabetes and holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of Copenhagen.

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