Eric Klaver

GCP Auditor & CR Trainer
Trial & Eric (The Netherlands) 

Trial & Eric is a unique and innovative company, delivering unique training, methodologies and driving a passion for learning in different ways. Eric brings his story and experience to the table and delivers his message in a way that people remember long after they hear it.

Founded with a passion to share his unique style and sense of humour with the world, Eric delivers his messages passionately and makes people sit up and listen to his story. He engages his audience quickly and involves them in his storytelling process. People listen because they feel involved in his message. Eric places a human side to his message, creating a connection on a personal level. As a keynote speaker, he brings his passion to life on stage.

Learning retention is a priority, and Eric’s innovative methodologies make learning fun and memorable. He brings his years of experience in the industry, combined with the latest learning methods to the classroom, and creates a unique style known as the “Eric Experience”

Training doesn’t have to be stale when you combine experience, enthusiasm and passion with a side of humour. Trial & Eric delivers you all this and more.”

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