Breakout Session I – Day 2

Breakout Session Options:

Breakout I |  Understand & Expand Your Clinical Trial Library
Breakout II  |  This Is My Study Team, & These Are The Costs

Understand & Expand Your Clinical Trial Library
Protocols are not the only place sites must look to find the procedures for a trial. This information is also often found within the flowchart, lab manuals, trial manuals, and even when entering data into the CRF. Often, the procedures listed differ from place to place. Is this practice ethical and fair? What happens when protocol violations occur as a result? How can sites ensure that they know exactly how to proceed before the first patient is treated? Join this session to discuss and receive answers to these questions.

Candida Barlow, MSN, CTN, RN, 
Clinical Research/Clinical Informatics Specialist, Bio-Optronics, USA

Roman Fishchuk, MD, MSc,
CEO, Clinical Trials Unit, Central City Clinical Hospital, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine


This Is My Study Team, & These Are The Costs
Who determines the number of PIs, CRCs and other essential staff the study team should consist of? What are the costs associated with hiring and training your study team, and how can you negotiate a fair cost with your sponsor? Study continuity is important, and so is having a well-staffed and adequately-funded study team. This session will provide best practices for building your study team and ensuring the related costs are covered.

Claire Cole, PhD,
Head of Research, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Vivienne van de Walle MD, PhD, CPI Director & Owner, PT&R
Radosław Janiak, MD,
CEO, FutureMed
James Lewis,
VP, Barrington James

Location: Virtual Experience Date: 21 April 2021 Time: 15:00 - 15:50