Breakout Session III

Breakout Session Options:

  • Innovative Trial Designs: Ambitions & Experiences
  • Understanding Your Costs & Negotiating Like An Expert
  • Quality Begins With Us: New Strategies For The Evolving Site
  • Implementation Of DCT Elements Into Local Legislation
  • Patient Recruitment Tactics For Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Innovative Trials Designs: Ambitions & Experiences

There are many new ways to conduct trials and as a result, trial designs are changing rapidly. Gain insights on the latest innovative trial designs and execution methods so that you can implement these approaches at the site level.

Maëva Cordoba, Global Study Manager, Lead, Sanofi, France

Helen Shaw, PhD, Head of Clinical Operations, VCTC, UK


Understanding Your Costs & Negotiating Like An Expert

Discover how to effectively analyze and understand the costs involved in conducting trials, from budget development to resource allocation. Gain insights into the art of negotiation by learning strategies to maximize your financial outcomes and optimize stakeholder collaboration.

Rókus Kriszt, PhD, Site Partnership Manager, Sanofi, Hungary

Mazhar Jaffry, President, Revival Research Institute, LLC, USA
Joshua Shifflett,
Executive Director, Finance (Head of Investigator Payments), Parexel, USA
Denise Wende, PhD, Head of Clinical Operations, SIGAL SMS, Germany


Quality Begins With Us: New Strategies For The Evolving Site

Keeping up with an ever-evolving clinical research landscape means ensuring your site has effective quality management systems and optimal processes. Join us for a discussion on how to set up and maintain a quality management system that enables better patient safety, data integrity, and regulatory compliance.

Corina Junk, MA, Director Site Solutions, Europe, Parexel, Germany

Heather Howarth, MSci, Clinical Operations Manager, VCTC, UK


Implementation Of DCT Elements Into Local Legislation
*Legal & Regulatory

The European Commission (EC), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA) have published recommendations to facilitate the use of DCTs. Countries across Europe have integrated DCT elements into their own legislative frameworks as well. This session will shed light on the various recommendations for DCTs and their implications for the clinical research landscape.

Claire Sears, PhD, Director, Strategy & Partnerships, THREAD, UK

Cameron Glen, VP of Global Business Development, FutureMeds, Scotland, UK
Huma Khurum, MD, MSc,
Clinical Trial Lead, Hamilton Medical Research, Canada
Joana Ribeiro, MD,
Partner, Gp4research, Portugal


Patient Recruitment Tactics For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Explore innovative strategies to ensure diverse representation in clinical trials, focusing on the essential principles of equity and inclusion. We will address the challenges and opportunities in recruiting a diverse patient population, and highlight successful recruitment tactics.

Joseph Kim,
Chief Strategy Officer, ProofPilot, USA

Mark Campbell, Chief Operating Officer, EmVenio Research, UK
Adele Stevenson-Lampard,
Associate Director, Patient Concierge, Illingworth Research Group, UK
Mohammed Tayob,
President & CEO, MERCLINCO, South Africa


Location: See App for Room Location Date: 13 November 2023 Time: 17:00 - 18:00