Breakout Session II

Breakout Session Options:

  • Structuring Your Team For Long-Term Success
  • First Experiences In The EU With CTR Implementation
  • How To Build & Fund A Site-Level Diversity Plan
  • A View Into Academic Institutes For Success
  • Best Practices in Oversight of External Research Resources


Structuring Your Team For Long-Term Success

Building and organizing a high-performing team is the key to driving success at your site. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to enhance your team’s capabilities and ensure you are primed for long-term success.

Julija Gabrusenoka, Vice President, Clinical Development, Syneos Health, Lativa

Roman Fishchuk, MD, MSc, CEO, Central City Clinical Hospital of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, Ukraine
Caroline Potts, MSc, Clinical Research, MSc Healthcare and Design, General Manager, Site and Patient Services, Medical Research Network, UK


First Experiences In The EU With CTR Implementation
*Legal & Regulatory

Explore the experiences of implementing the Clinical Trial Regulation (CTR) in the European Union and how it’s shaping the future of clinical trials. Discover how these groundbreaking initiatives are contributing to enhanced efficiency, transparency, and patient safety.

Sandra Sistiaga-Hernando, PhD, Site Engagement Lead, GSK

Christopher Bamford, PhD, Director, Clinical Trials Regulatory, IQVIA, UK
Sarah Meaney,
Senior Director, Trial Capabilities, Lilly, Ireland
Fátima Pimentel, Director, Regulatory Consulting, Syneos Health, Portugal
Lucie Špatenková, Managing Director, Clinical Research Center, Czech Republic


How To Build & Fund A Site-Level Diversity Plan

A well-crafted diversity plan fosters an environment that values inclusivity, representation, and equal opportunities for our patients. Learn about funding options and available resources to support the implementation and sustainability of these plans. Join us for an engaging discussion on how to prioritize diversity and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

Chibby Ebhogiaye,
Clinical Development and DEI/Health Equity Executive, ZS, UK

Lisa Bjornestad,
Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations & Growth, DM Clinical, USA
Victor Lopes, MD, PhD,
General Manager, Accelerated Enrollment Solutions, UK
John Matthews,
Sales Engineer II, Greenphire, UK


A View Into Academic Institutes For Success
*Business Development

Academic Institutes are unique structures. Uncover the pros and cons of the academic institute business models and gain practical knowledge that can shape new strategies at your site.

Hans Christian Hoeck, MD, PhD, Founder, Trialcare Research, Switzerland 

Leigh Boxal, MSc, Strategic Site Solution Manager, IQVIA, UK 
André Mansinho, MD, MSc, Director, Clinical Research, START, Portugal


Best Practices in Oversight of External Research Resources
*Site Operations

Successful oversight and integration of External Research Resources includes effective quality control, risk assessment, and optimizing collaborations. Understand how the oversight of External Research Resources is crucial to ultimately enhance the efficiency and integrity of clinical trial execution.

Jeffrey Repper, Executive Vice President, Strategic Site Solutions, Transformative Pharmaceutical Solutions, USA

Federica Bitonti, MSc, Clinical Site Operations, Pfizer, Italy
Igor Bogdanoski, MS, Manager, Site Support, International Research Network (IRN), Macedonia
Kerry Leyden,
Commercial Director of Site and Patient Services, MRN, UK


Location: See App for Room Location Date: 13 November 2023 Time: 15:30 - 16:30