Site Landscape: Benchmark Your Site

Gain insight into trends and metrics to position your site for success. Current survey data on site partnership, finance, study feasibility and start-up will be discussed by a panel of industry leaders. Use the information shared during this solution-focused discussion to make an impactful change at your organization.

Sites of the Future: A Harmonized Program for Digital Readiness

As sites navigate technology changes and advancements within the industry, they are having to make important decisions about what solutions to adopt, and how. Laying a solid foundation is important when building toward the digital future. This session will answer important questions sites have when adopting new technology, and help them navigate where they are […]

Why & How to Include Adolescents in Adult Clinical Trials

Historically, pediatric patients are studied after adult studies are completed and a new drug is approved for adults. During that time, there is often a widespread off-label use of drugs, which sets pediatric patients at risk due to uncertainties in respect to safety, efficacy and appropriate dosing. This continues to place a burden on pediatric […]

European Site Spark Presentations

This award recognizes outstanding and innovative work of research sites that are implementing new and exciting ways to operationalize trials. This award celebrates forward-thinking sites that have developed unique recruitment methods, championed the use of new technology, or excelled in diverse, equitable, and inclusive business practices. Judging emphasis is placed on site-driven initiatives that are […]

The Takeaways: Leaning into Hope

In this session, the SCRS European Site Solutions Summit Committee will come together to identify key learnings from the Summit. This session will help you shape how you lean into hope as you take these lessons and ‘go back to work’ with renewed energy and focus.